Messyness Cleaning Service strives to provide superior routine cleaning for commercial businesses in the greater western Chicago suburbs. We are confident that our routine or scheduled cleaning sessions are a step above the competition because complete customer satisfaction is our goal. Our MCS maids are insured and bonded so you have peace of mind while they are working in your office or business location.

Having a clean working environment is essential to maintaining a professional image to your clients and visitors, as well as keeping your own employees happy and stress-free. Aside from the health benefits that a clean working environment provides, cleanliness allows employees to focus on their own responsibilities with increased productivity and reduced distraction. We’re confident that our commercial cleaning services at MCS will exceed your expectations.

Our commercial cleaning services include many tasks including the following:

In the Breakroom:

  • Spot clean outside all appliances

  • All countertops & sinks

  • Microwave inside and outside

  • Dust and spot clean cabinets exteriors

  • Hand wipe table and chairs

  • Vacuum and steam mop floors

In the Bathrooms:

  • Stalls and urinals enclosures

  • Clean counters, sinks and mirrors

  • Clean and disinfect toilets

  • Clean and scrub floors

In Regular Routine:

  • Removal of cobwebs

  • Dust baseboards and window sills

  • Dust wall hangings and furniture

  • Dust blinds and ceiling fans (within reach)

  • Dust all cubicle separators and behind all computers

  • Vacuum all carpeted floors, vacuum and mop hard surface floors

Above and Beyond in Every Routine Service:

  • Empty wastebaskets and provide small trash bags

  • Consolidate trash and place in receptacle

  • Wash glass on entryway doors inside and out (weather permitting)

  • Vacuum entryway furniture

  • Vacuum and roll up carpeting

If you have any questions regarding our routine office cleaning services or you would like to schedule a visit, please contact us at 630-415-8509 today.